vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

The maid of the sea

Art by Gordon Nappier

Come from the sea,
Maiden, to me,
Maiden of mystery, love, and pain!
Wake from thy sleep,
Low in the deep,
Over thy green waves sport again!
Come to this sequestered spot, love,
Death's where thou art, as where thou art not, love;
Then come unto me,
Maid of the sea,
Rise from the wild and stormy main:
Wake from thy sleep,
Calm in the deep,
Over thy green waves sport again!

A beautiful poem, but i don't know who wrote this. If you know, please inform me, so i can mention the poet. Thank you!

donderdag 14 oktober 2010

The pearl

Art: The siren by Horrific beauty

Said one oyster to a neighboring oyster;
"I have a very great pain within me. It is heavy and round and I am in distress."
And the other oyster replied with haughty complacence;
"Praise be to the heavens and to the sea, I have no pain within me. I am well and whole both within and without."
At that moment a crab was passing by and heard the two oysters, and he said to the one who was well and whole both within and without;
"Yes, you are well and whole; but the pain that your neighbor bears is a pearl of exceeding beauty."

Words: Khalil Gibran